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Cafenorte is a high quality Conilon coffee producer located in the south of Bahia, with an average annual production of 65,000 60kg coffee bags. The company has several clients in the domestic market and also serves the international market with indirect exportation.

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Physical Structure

Cafenorte farm currently has 4 million coffee plants, occupying a continuous and flat area of 1860ha. The coffee processing structure has 45 machines with a daily average capacity of 100 bags/hour...

Since 1983

Consolidated in the market for 35 years, Cafenorte has several important trading partners in the world and it is always seeking improvement both in coffee productivity and quality. The company associates with major brands and offers space for the research development on the property.

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Coffee and more

CAFENORTE produces more than coffee. There are 99 hectares with eucalyptus plantation to supply dryers, about 1300 Nelore cattle heads, as well as black pepper and cacao.

Our Partners

Our credibility comes from our clients’ recognition.

Cafenorte prides itself on all the business and partnerships made in all those years, but nothing is better than knowing that our efforts make a difference in so many different aspects.

Maurício F. de Faria, Agronomist – Technical Manager

"I am very pleased to be part of Cafenorte over all those years. It is an active company in coffee production area that contributes to the region socio economic development and to the environment preservation."

Erasmo Fernandes – Agronomist on Yara Brasil Fertilizantes

"More than a commercial relationship, Yara has a solid, prolific and long lasting partnership with Cafenorte Agricola, which brings value to all those involved in the coffee chain and to society through the efficient use of resources, solid productivity growth results and coffee beans with greater uniformity and quality."

Nutrimaq – Jonilter Reuter

"Cafenorte besides contributing to the economic, social and agricultural growth of our region, values its suppliers and employees. Nutrimaq is proud and satisfied to be one of its partners / suppliers due to the respect, commitment and seriousness that the Cafenorte family has for all of us. Congratulations to the whole team."

Menuza Mageswki – Agro Teresense Owner

"Cafenorte is an innovative and leader Conilon coffee production company in the region, besides having great social importance for the municipality of Itamaraju, generating many direct and indirect jobs, while Agro teresense aims to offer solutions and innovations for the development of the rural activity. This partnership is of great value to us, as we understand that both (Cafenorte and Agro Teresense) aim to increase knowledge in new areas and bring solutions with greater speed and quality, besides guarantee a sustainable future both for business and customers."

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