Producing quality Conilon for over 35 years

Currently with 4,185 hectares and approximately 4 million coffee plants, CAFENORTE produces an annual average of 65,000 coffee bags.

Know our history

In August 1983, in the city of Itamaraju, south of the Bahia state, Mr. Lacine Tápias (in memoriam) implanted his project to produce Conilon coffee, aiming for a promising future in the state. There were several reasons for choosing the site, including weather, topography, location and the suitable manpower availability.

In the 90's Cafenorte was elected the largest Conilon farm in the world in continuous territory, at that time with 5 million coffee plants. Currently the company has 4 million coffee plants and continues to be a coffee production reference in Brazil and it is a consolidated brand both inside and outside the country.



The company has as an important differential the crop treatment and beneficiation method with a very careful drying process always aiming for the best quality of the final product.


The preservation of the environment is a premise of the company. Of the 4,185 ha of land, 1,090ha are destined to the preservation of the native forest. This is about 26% of the property which is above the 22% required by Brazilian legislation. The Nature Reserve was planned to spread throughout the farm area, prioritizing access to water resources, to ensure the biodiversity of native flora and fauna.

Tradition and Innovation

Cafenorte has been a company consolidated in the market for 35 years, with several important commercial partners in the world and is always seeking improvement in coffee productivity and quality. The company routinely associates itself with major brands and makes room for the research development on its property.

Social responsibility

The property harbors a village where 41 families of workers live. The company is one of the largest employers in the municipality, generating hundreds of direct and indirect jobs annually, contributing to the region's economy and life quality.

In 2015, Cafenorte took part on the Digital and Social Inclusion project called “Coffee kids in school”on the 136o edition, along with the Vitoria`s Coffee Comercial Center (CCCV) in partnership with the Coffee Technological Development Center (CETCAF) and Microsoft, inaugurating the "Digital Laboratory" at the municipal school Reitor Edigar Santos in the Itamaraju city, Bahia State.

The company is also part of the Young Apprentice government program where 19 adolescents are prepared for the job market and develop activities focused on the agricultural sector.

As usual, in 2018, the 15th harvest party was held to provide fraternization and entertainment for workers and their families, to reward the best crop harvesters, to raffle gifts between those who worked during the harvest and to promote concerts with local artists.


Nutrimaq – Jonilter Reuter

"Cafenorte besides contributing to the economic, social and agricultural growth of our region, values its suppliers and employees. Nutrimaq is proud and satisfied to be one of its partners / suppliers due to the respect, commitment and seriousness that the Cafenorte family has for all of us. Congratulations to the whole team."

Menuza Mageswki – Agro Teresense Owner

"Cafenorte is an innovative and leader Conilon coffee production company in the region, besides having great social importance for the municipality of Itamaraju, generating many direct and indirect jobs, while Agro teresense aims to offer solutions and innovations for the development of the rural activity. This partnership is of great value to us, as we understand that both (Cafenorte and Agro Teresense) aim to increase knowledge in new areas and bring solutions with greater speed and quality, besides guarantee a sustainable future both for business and customers."

Erasmo Fernandes – Agronomist on Yara Brasil Fertilizantes

"More than a commercial relationship, Yara has a solid, prolific and long lasting partnership with Cafenorte Agricola, which brings value to all those involved in the coffee chain and to society through the efficient use of resources, solid productivity growth results and coffee beans with greater uniformity and quality."

Maurício F. de Faria, Agronomist – Technical Manager

"I am very pleased to be part of Cafenorte over all those years. It is an active company in coffee production area that contributes to the region socio economic development and to the environment preservation."