The Business

Cafenorte is a high quality Conilon coffee producer located in the south of Bahia, with an average annual production of 65,000 - 60kg coffee bags. The company has several clients in the domestic market and also serves the international market with indirect exportation.


Other productive activities:

Besides the coffee plantation, the company has:

  • An area of 99ha of eucalypt forest plantation to supply dryers;
  • Livestock: 1300 heads of Nelore cattle;
  • Black pepper;
  • Cocoa.



Cafenorte farm has currently 4 million coffee plants, occupying a continuous and flat area of 1860ha. The coffee processing structure has 45 machines with a daily average capacity of 100 bags/hour.

The company also has two electric power substations, fuel pumps for its own vehicles fleet and a mechanical workshop for fleet and machinery maintenance.

The storage unit is located on the property and it is composed of two warehouses with a total area of 2,200m² with a maximum capacity of 90,000 coffee bags.


Farm management

At the end of the annual harvest, the agronomist and technicians of the company conduct an agricultural year planning, which includes soil analysis and correction, pruning and cutting services, fertilizers application and phytosanitary treatment of the crop.

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